These are some of the main programmes that we have run locally and internationally. We can help you to customise to your organisational and people development needs achieving better outcomes.

Programmes Designed for Virtual / On-line Training Platform

  1. RAPID Coaching (60-120 minutes and 8 hours version)
  2. Productivity Strategies (60-90 minutes)
  3. Personal Mastery (60-90 minutes)
  4. Lead to Inspire (60-90 minutes)
  5. Negotiate to Win-Win (60-90 minutes)
  6. CYbER – Collaborative Yield by Enhanced Relationships (Virtual Team Synergy) (Customizable)
  7. Communication for Performance (14-16 hours)
  8. Creative Problem Solving Skills (14-16 hours)
  9. Effective Negotiation Skills (14-16 hours)
  10. Powerful Presentation Skills (14-16 hours)
  11. The Competent Leader (14-16 hours)
  12. Communicating and Influencing with Confidence (14-16 hours)

Leadership and Coaching Excellence

  1. Leadership Habits and Disciplines
  2. Managing and Organizing Resources for Team Leaders
  3. Coaching and Leading for Higher Performance
  4. Group Coaching
  5. Building Trust and Commitment for Supervisors
  6. Effective Supervisory Skills
  7. Building Team Success with Principles and Functions of Teamwork

Communication and Presentation Programs

  1. Communicating and Influencing without Authority
  2. Communicating Effectively
  3. Effective Negotiation Skills
  4. Influencing and Convincing Others
  5. Powerful and Professional Presentation Skills

Sales and Customer Service Programs

  1. The Bricks and Clicks of Customer Experience
  2. Motivation for Sales Greatness and Customer Loyalty
  3. Key Account Management – 5 Star Key Account Loyalty
  4. Solution Selling Skills

Signature and Other Programs

  1. Your Habits, Your Future (Habit Change)
  2. DISC and Emotional Intelligence
  3. Peak Performance and Maximum Influence with NLP
  4. The Success Quotients
  5. Train-the-Trainer (Trainers’ Interactive Learning Strategies)
  6. Managing Work Time and Stress Effectively
  7. Embracing Change with Positive Mindset
  8. Personal Mastery Program

High Performance Team Synergy

  1. Heritage Hunt (Penang)
  2. The Amazing Race and Hunt
  3. League of Super Heroes
  4. TGIF – Team Greatness with Impact and FUN
  5. High Performance Team Synergy Series (with workshop)