We established to provide proven organisational development solutions to organisations with a team of dynamic and experienced professionals.

We are privileged to be involved in projects; consulting, employee & leadership development, training, coaching, mentoring, building high-performance team, conferences, and company events internationally and locally.

What does the team do?

The team is a professional learning and development solutions provider specialized in consulting, leadership development programmes, coaching services, off-site corporate events, training, and facilitation services.

Consulting – our areas of consulting expertise will encompass organisational culture change, organisational development, employee engagement, and making the organisation a great place to work.

Leadership Development Programmes – designing learning and engagement programmes to cater for leaders and managers (middle to senior management) of the client’s organisation. The duration of the programme will depends on the needs of the client, ranging from six –(6) to eighteen –(18) months.

Coaching Services – Aimed to draw out potential of the clients engaged, the services can be done as 1-to-1 executive coaching, business / strategy coaching, and group coaching.

Off-Site Corporate Events – our company can help to support and run events for the clients’ off-site meetings, conference, exhibition, or team bonding sessions (or known as team building).

Training and Facilitation Services – Soft-skills training workshops which can be done as public programmes (open to multiple clients) or in-house (one specific client) courses. Normally this will be a short-term (ranging from 1 to 5 days) engagement to develop the employees in the clients’ organisations.

Who are we?

We are a team of experienced learning and development professionals focusing on our passion to inspire and develop people in various industries, organisations, and government agencies. The team works as partners with no bureaucracy establishing a group of like-minded specialists devoted to deliver the best outcome for our clients. Our Vision, Mission and Core Values as follows:


Inspiring and developing leaders to reach their highest potential for God


Providing value-added learning and development solutions to prepare leaders for tomorrow

Core Values

Love, Inspire, Visionary, Ethical

What are the learning and development solution categories provided?

  • Virtual / On-line Training and Facilitation
  • Leadership and Coaching Excellence
  • Communication and Presentation Programmes
  • Sales and Customer Service Programmes
  • Signature Programmes (Habit Change, Train-the-Trainer, Peak Performance with NLP, Personal Mastery)
  • High Performance Team Synergy Programmes

Where do we work?

Today there are no borders in developing and inspiring people. We are a team of professionals with global exposure and the world is our playground. We embrace latest trends and technologies to assist and support our clients locally and globally. Where the clients need learning and development solutions, we will be there for them.

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